I usually steam potatoes to half boil, or to full boil rather than using directly in any recipe.  This makes the cooking process easier as it will take less time to complete the recipe.  Here is the method which I generally follow for steam boiling a potato.

  • Wash the unpeeled potato under running water.
  • Do not dry.
  • Using a fork, pierce holes on the potato 4 to 5 times, making sure the entire potato is covered. Or even small cuts with a knife will do the trick.
  • Put the potato in a carry bag which we get from the grocery stores and tie a knot.
  • Place the bag with the potato in the microwave.
  • Microwave for about 2 minutes for a medium sized potato.
  • The time to microwave depends on the size of the potato. 
  • Remove from the microwave and let stand for one minute.
  • Peel the skin and the potatoes are ready to used in any of our Indian recipes.
  • You can also wrap the potato in a moist paper towel before putting in the bag which will help in better steaming.

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